One Of A Kind Pieces - Pash Jewellery

These pieces are designed to explore both concept and technique.

These pieces are designed to explore both concept and technique.  The jewellery in this section is exhibition work created for specific calls for submission.

Giant Carott



This one of a kind necklace comes in a special frame with a winter wonderland theme. The necklace can be work or hung in the frame as a piece of art for the wall.


Monkeys Go Bananas



These pieces are designed to explore both concept and technique. The jewellery in this section is exhibition work created for specific calls for submission.

Unhinged is a piece about my experiences in Turkey while on vacation.  Amidst great beauty I experienced many disasters as a lone traveler.  At one point I felt like I was hanging on by a thread and if one more thing went wrong I would fall apart.  Unhinged is the manifestation of that feeling.  The shape is influenced by Turkish architecture and held together with a ribbon, but pull that cord and the entire piece opens up to reveal a jewel inside.

Unhinged is made from sterling silver, citrine, ribbon, and partially removed 18K gold plating.

Unhinged was created for an exhibition called Quotations held at Zilbershmuck in 2006.  I was awarded best Technical Achievement for this submission.


Unhinged detail

Unhinged ring open.


Hidden Monkeys Petal Cluster

Hidden Monkeys Petal Cluster necklace was designed for an exhibition called Material Matters at Harbourfront Centre 2006.  This exhibition required the artists involved to consider their current materials of production and consider the questions "What if you could no longer make your work out of your usual materials?  How would you make your work?"

Hidden Monkeys is my response to these questions.  I took a shape from my previous Petal Line and found a new way to make my work using all recycled materials.

Hidden Monkeys is made from:

old shower curtains, crushed gemstones, plastic monkeys from train sets, pen-nibs, antique thread, sterling silver wire, and brass