Brant House Cufflinks

Price: $0.00

Sterling silver cufflinks.

Flower Chalcedony Drops

Price: $195.00

Sterling silver with blue sapphires and chalcedony drop gemstones

Drinking Hummingbird Necklace Blue Chalcedony and Quartz Flower

Price: $450.00

Carved flower and drinking hummingbird necklace. The carved flower is made from blue chalcedony and quartz. The humminbird has a blue sapphire eye and there is a small yellow diamond set in 14K yellow gold in the center of the carved gemstone flower. The chain is 16" long.

10 Twig Ring with gold plating

Price: $125.00

Fused sterling silver with 24K gold plating.

Hidden Monkeys Petal Cluster

Price: $0.00

Hidden Monkeys Petal Cluster necklace was designed for an exhibition called Material Matters at Harbourfront Centre 2006.  This exhibition required the artists involved to consider their current materials of production and consider the questions "What if you could no longer make your work out of your usual materials?  How would you make your work?"

Hidden Monkeys is my response to these questions.  I took a shape from my previous Petal Line and found a new way to make my work using all recycled materials.

Hidden Monkeys is made from:

Unhinged detail

Price: $0.00

Unhinged ring open.


Price: $0.00

These pieces are designed to explore both concept and technique. The jewellery in this section is exhibition work created for specific calls for submission.

Engagement Ring

Price: $0.00

18K palladium white gold, sapphires, and diamonds.

Wedding Bands

Price: $0.00

Simple and elegant wedding bands. 14K palladium white gold and diamonds.


Price: $0.00

Platinum and diamond strand can be worn long, doubled or tripled for flexibility in your look.


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