I can’t say enough positive things about the people I have been lucky enough to work with. Word of mouth is everything to a small business so when I asked past customers for testimonial style reviews I was ecstatic that people took the time to share about their experience in working with me. This is truly my dream job and I am excited to share my passion for design and creation with you!


Ordering customized jewellery can be a daunting idea. Will the jeweller understand my ideas? Will I like the final product?  If this sounds like you,  don’t worry.  Gillian will listen to you, lead you through the consultation process,  and thrill you with a beautiful new heirloom.

– Michelle, Toronto, Canada

Many years ago my son an artist was invited to provide a piece to his cousin Gillian Batcher. He chose a large important piece he felt reflected her strength and creative spirit. When delivering the art piece I felt a connection with a unique ring of rose quartz, ball bearings and citron. Over the years I have received so much attention and compliments to the ring. It has become a comfort to move the ball bearings that are inside the ring that Wraps around my finger. I feel warmed that I have a cherished piece from someone who is so important to my son. Gillian puts her heart into her work and it stays embedded there.
Judith, Guelph