PASH Jewellery Design was started in the year 2000. It grew out of my first company G.B. Originals. G.B Originals focused solely on one-of-a-kind beaded jewellery.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduating with distinction from the University of Western Ontario I decided to pursue my true passion, jewellery design and production. In 2000 I studied goldsmithing at George Brown College graduating with honors in 2003. In addition to this I also took an intensive jewellery course in textile techniques in precious metals in Florence, Italy. After graduating from George Brown College I participated in the artist in residence program at Harbourfront Centre from 2003-2006.

Once my residency was over it was time to find a new home for PASH. On December 6th, 2006 I opened Jewel Envy. Jewel Envy is set up for multiple goldsmiths to work from with the convenience of equipment, display space, and like minded artists.