Envy to Covet and Desire

Earlier this week I attended the opening for a show I have work in at 18Karat. The show called Envy brought up some interesting ideas.I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had won best in technical achievement for my Trillium necklace. I always strive for technical excellence in my work, although now I know technique alone is not enough if you want your work to mean something. My artist statement for the show talks about how I came to realize and express concepts in jewellery by feeling the push and pull of competition with envy being the catalyst for it all. Below is my artist statement for the show.
         Envy is usually perceived as a negative trait that we try to hide. But is there a positive side to it as well? Can it not be the starting point for imagination to blossom from?
         I am not envious of obvious things like wealth and fame but I am envious of creativity. It might sound strange, being an artist myself, but I do envy the inspired. I know I am creative but when I started making jewellery I was more interested in visual appeal and technique than the ideas behind each piece. The desire to communicate through jewellery came in time. Eventually I realized jewellery could be used as a powerful tool for self-expression and was envious of those who seemed able to convey ideas through their work. It led to a self-directed examination of my work and what I wanted to say with it.
        Today my work is about re-establishing a connection to the roots of craftsmanship. Techniques previously used for their working properties are used today for their visual appeal. I explore the integration of these divergent uses and highlight the relationship between function and form in contemporary jewellery.
        To illustrate this relationship, I use methods to create volume balanced by structures that create strength. This results in a body of work that combines the appearance of delicacy with the practicality of strength. These complementary ideas allow for the creation of comfortable, sculptural jewellery that stands alone, but comes to life on the body.
        My entries for “Envyâ€� are pieces that came out of this analysis and speak to my growth as a conceptual jeweller. I am pleased with my progression thus far but the “green eyed monsterâ€� keeps me focused on my work and allows it to continue to evolve with me. I have found envy, under the right circumstance a critical factor in inspiring me to persist in exploring new ideas in process and form.
Check out the show and stay tuned for more about what inspires me today:o)

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