So many things to make so little time in a day!

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed about the amount of things I would like to have accomplished in a week. This week is one of those times! In addition to teaching casting at OCAD two nights a week (and writing up my students next exam) I have client meetings and the Metal Arts Guild event that I will be speaking at. All good things right?! I think so, but it does means putting aside a few projects I would really like to get underway.

I guess I will just have to deal with it like everyone else. Weeks like this remind me that when I don’t have the time to make everything it is really imporant to keep my sketch book close by so that I can jot down designs and ideas for later when there is time to process them. Good thing I just got a new smaller sketch book that travels with me most of the time to do just that!

Since I am clearly in planning and scheduling mode I would like to invite anyone reading this to come to the Metal Arts Guild event this Thursday June 17th from 7:30pm-10pm. MAG is implementing a lot of exciting changes and this party will be a great chance to mingle with other metal artists from in and around Toronto while hearing about things that can help you in your career and subsequently how to get involved. For more information about MAG and this event please go to www.metalartsguild.c/events/metal-arts-guild-party. MAG is a national Canadian organization with satelite groups across Canada. If you are interested in starting your own satelite group or getting involved and you do not live in Toronto contact MAG there are many opportunities for participation from across Canada!

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