professional goldsmith

I have always been a maker. I started young and sold my first line of hair clips made with Friendly Plastic to the IT Store in Yorkdale Mall at the age of eleven. I then went on to sell lines in various other fashion stores throughout my teens under the label G.B. Originals. I worked in multiple mediums always with a focus on creating miniature worlds. Some of these were sculptural objects, while others were sculpture to wear.

Despite my clear love of craft I was hesitant to pursue it as a career. I had been given sage advice by an artist I admired “that a life in the arts was not for anyone who could picture themselves doing anything other than creating art”. When poised to make decisions about my future I could see myself taking a variety of career paths so I chose the familiar and completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Western University, graduating with distinction.

As I came closer to completing my degree I began to examine what I wanted my future to look like and ended up coming back to the advice about careers in the arts. It was then that I recognized that creating was the only thing I wanted to do and with that realization I was ready to pursue a future in the arts. In 2000 I enrolled in the Jewellery Arts Program at George Brown College and rebranded, my now focused line, as PASH Jewellery Design. In 2003 I graduated with honors as a goldsmith.
While enrolled in my program at George Brown College I also took an intensive summer jewellery course in textile techniques in precious metals in Florence, Italy. After graduating from George Brown College I participated in the artist in residence program at Harbourfront Centre from 2003-2006. These separate events set the course for my future work as a goldsmith and the studio environment I would create.

In 2006 I opened Jewel Envy a collaborative jewellery studio with multiple goldsmiths working from the space and all running their own businesses. Today Jewel Envy is located on Roncesvalles Ave and is home to fourteen amazing goldsmiths. My work is sold on site through the retail along with all of the other members of the space.
My work has evolved over time as I have grown as an artist and gained more confidence in my voice. I make jewellery to work through personal events, comment on society, and for the pure joy of adornment. Being a goldsmith provides endless delight for me as it merges challenges with achievements in design and execution. I love the process of turning thoughts into sketches and sketches into wearable works of art.

Today I wear many hats as a small business owner but I am always open to questions and collaborations. Please get in touch about specific pieces on my site, having something custom designed and made just for you or to inquire about including my work in an exhibition.

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