Well it’s about time!

About time for what? A new blog post? A creative project? Curtains I have been wanting to make for the past two years? Yes to all of the above!

To appreciate this project I need to take a trip down memory lane to when I lived in Australia (Dec 1999-June 2000). I went for my last semester of university and lived in the overseas residence apartments. Each unit was shaped like a rectangle and mine was a studio. I was there with my boyfriend and we had no separate space. One weekend I decided we needed a curtain to separate the “bedroom” from the rest of the box. I waited for a weekend alone and dedicated the entire 48 hours to this project.

I went nuts at the dollar store and not only drew the scene on but sewed on lots of accessories! You can see how this wonderful work of art was being held up by duct tape which constantly needed adjustments.

When it was time to go home I had to leave my curtain as it weighed to much for my luggage. I took the yellow boa sun and one of the butterflys home as my only reminder of this quirky decoration.

Now over ten years later I still wish I has been able to bring home the curtain. For the past two years I have been planning to make something like it to cover the front of an Ikea wardrobe but never seemed to find the time.

Two weeks ago I finally decided it was time to make my curtains! This time I would make them properly and hang them on a rod and even sew up the edges. First I needed a little lesson on how to use the sewing machine I inherited from my great aunt and then I was off to sew.

Below are the process pics and my finished curtains!

My yellow boa sun has finally been restored to its proper place of honour!

I am so happy with this project I am now considering the fun things I can do to my plain white Ikea chair!

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