Hearts, hearts and more hearts!

The Jewel Envy “RED” show is fast approaching and I am in the final stages of attacking hearts. No I am not having a heart attack, I have been working on making pieces about the heart and the sentiments related to it for the show.

I started with a complex piece that the wearer can pump to spray up rubies into the heart cavity. I think it is actually the largest thing I have ever made and it gave me a taste for hollow-ware and all sorts of alternative materials. So with that piece out of the way it should have been smooth sailing. But alas jewellery is never easy. My next few pieces in the series are production hearts to be cast in resin. It has taken me months to figure out how to achieve the desired results. I think I finally have resin worked out and am close to finishing my full heart, shriveled heart, fractured heart, and prickly heart and probably a few others that I have been thinking about.

I am not including pictures for now, you will have to come to the show to check out the work:o) So far the booked locations include Distill, 18Karat, Pearson Gallery and then hopefully in venues across Canada!

Happy jewellery making!


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